Medical institutions

Accounting of clinics -

Among the long-standing clients of Accounting network INBALANCE are a number of reputable medical centres registered under the Medical Establishments Act. The different offices of INBALANCE serve the accounting of both outpatient care facilities such as primary care ambulatory centres, laboratories and dental centres as well as hospitals.

We have experience in organizing and reporting the construction of a medical establishment through an investment company that is registered under the Value Added Tax Act and refunds the VAT for the investment.

The accountants of INBALANCE have proved their professionalism also in the service of medical scams, operating through a company managed by a medical specialist, performing health services and not registered under VATA. INBALANCE also has experience in helping foreign management of Bulgarian hospitals, organizing audits, ongoing monitoring and analyzes necessary for management needs. Check out our customer reviews HERE.

Thanks to our team's solid experience, we can help you with both your registration and the accounting services of your clinic.