Administrative and HR services

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Every owner of a busy business is aware of the importance of fine administration of the staff. Assigning this response to specialists saves the company problems with employees, problems with NRA authorities, NSSI, Labor Inspectorate and others.

We prepare the documents and register your company where it is needed. The experts of INBALANCE Bulgaria are at your disposal for:

  • Registration of the company in all government bodies where required;
  • Precise staff administration;
  • Preparation of working time schedules, holidays, compensation calculations, etc .;
  • Allowances for hiring and terminating employment;
  • Preparation of labour and civil contracts;
  • Preparation of labour characteristics;
  • Preparation of internal rules for working in the company;
  • Other administrative and HR services on request.

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The precise administration of the staff by the experts of INBALANCE saves your company problems with the employees, the NRA, the NSSI, the Labor Inspectorate, and others.