Аnnual accounts

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The annual closing of accounts is a process that summarizes information from the company's activities during the financial year. For our clients, it is included in the contract and the price. But we also offer it to companies that do not have a subscription for monthly accounting services.

Here's what the annual account closure includes:

  • review of company documentation;
  • recommendations on the issue and storage of primary accounting documents and accounting records, if necessary;
  • sorting, classifying and processing of all accounting information for the financial year;
  • preparing and submitting annual financial reports;
  • preparation of consolidated accounts;
  • preparation and filing of the annual tax return;
  • preparation and submission of the declaration to the NSI;
  • tax planning consultations for the next financial year.

The end result is that the client has complied with all statutory obligations and deadlines and has also planned with specialists in the upcoming financial year.

The team of Accounting network INBALANCE Bulgaria, based on its experience in compiling annual financial reports will help you in the following areas:

  • making an inventory of all the assets and liabilities of the enterprise in accordance with accounting standards;
  • the correct distinction between purchases and sales relating to a current or subsequent reporting period to achieve a credible financial result;
  • refer to other increases and decreases in the financial result in the annual tax return.