Appeal of revision acts

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There is hardly a company owner who does not worry about tax audits and the issuance of an audit act. If this happens, here's what you need to know about the possibility of appealing:

The audit act is subject to appeal within 14 days of its service by administrative order to the Director of the Appeal and Performance Management Directorate. By its decision, the Director of the TDCA may confirm, amend or cancel the RDA and return the file to the body which has ordered the revision with mandatory instructions for the issuance of a new audit act, the procedure for issuing it starting with the unlawful act which served as a basis for Cancellation.

The failure to issue the Director of the State Agency for Refugees on the appealed review act within the statutory 45-day term implies a tacit affirmation of the act and is subject to appeal to an administrative court at the location of the TWU or to an administrative court at the location of the Territorial Directorate that issued the RDA. The Administrative Court may revoke, amend or confirm the audit act and/or proclaim its nullity.

The decision of the administrative court against the audit act is subject to a cassation appeal before the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) within 14 days of the day of the announcement that the decision has been drawn up. The SAC's decision is not subject to appeal.

The experts of Accounting Network INBALANCE will provide you with professional help if you need to appeal against your issued audit act. Look for us in a convenient way. The contact details of our offices can be found here: CONTACTS

We are convinced that with the help of our highly qualified experts you will achieve maximum success in appealing acts against you.

However, the entire activity of INBALANCE Bulgaria aimed at preventing an obligation to revise an act. That is why we also rely on good communications and correct relations with NRA authorities.