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Accounting network InBalance Bulgaria - About Us

INBALANCE Bulgaria is a network of accounting offices in Bulgaria with the ambition to grow and attract partners not only in the country but also among the established representatives of the accounting branch in Europe and the world. As a member of the EAA (European Accounting Association), we have the opportunity to share accounting experience with industry representatives in Europe and apply good practices to help your business.

We offer accounting services to companies from all spheres of business - production, trading on domestic and international markets, delivery of services in the EU or third countries, etc. 

Our clients receive a comprehensive business service that best fits their individual needs and guarantees success in their company's business. We at INBALANCE offer "one roof" services in the most convenient and advantageous manner for the client at the same time as correct accounting service, monthly reports on activity, consultancy, tax planning, tax protection, legal services, credit counseling. This complex service we call partnering. Our mission is INBALANCE to be your Trusted Partner, whom you can entrust with your administrative duties and with us to build your growth plans.

In order to be as efficient and useful as possible to our clients, we maintain the high level of expertise of our employees with regular training, qualifications, seminars, conferences, discussions and annual appraisals. This gives us the assurance that under the rapidly changing legal framework in Bulgaria our qualified specialists will be able to quickly resolve different tax and procedural cases without having to wait for external consultants to respond.

In addition, we develop our own internship program, which helps us with the first steps in the accounting industry of young professionals and we provide a continuous and detailed selection of employees for our company.

Each of the offices of the accounting network INBALANCE Bulgaria has a long history and experience that guarantees to our clients the confidence that they have entrusted the financial aspect of their business to proven professionals.