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Accounting services -

The independent financial audit is performed in accordance with the requirements of the International Auditing Standards and provides an assessment of the reliability of the financial statements prepared in accordance with Bulgarian accounting legislation.

The audit process is carried out through test audits of the accounting and financial records throughout the year with the aim of assessing the adequacy of current accounting for business transactions that affect the financial and financial position of the enterprise or its fair presentation in the annual financial statements.

Our audit services include:

  • Independent auditing and other assurance engagements regarding financial statements and information;
  • Audit of reports on projects funded under EU programs;
  • Audit with special purposes (on certain sites, reports, control and accounting systems, on contract terms);
  • A limited review of financial statements;
  • Checks on the transformation of commercial companies under Chapter XVI of the Commerce Act;
  • Thematic inspections of sites at the discretion of the management/owners.
  • Assistance in preparing financial statements.

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To satisfy the specific requirements of your business, INBALANCE Bulgaria works together with the best national auditors.

With our general help, besides auditing your ongoing activities, you will receive advice on your future development.