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Accounting network INBALANCE established a Payroll Center for facilitating companies that require the most efficient service of the Work and Wage and Personnel activities.

The Payroll Center provides expert services in the field of salary processing, the keeping of the documents regulated in the legal acts and the reporting of all activities related to Labor and Wages and Personnel.

Payroll Center provides professional service to all company processes related to employee liability management. This ensures that you comply with legal requirements and deadlines in an efficient way and at an affordable price. And whether the other accounting activities of the company are carried out by an internal team or an external accounting house.

The Payroll Center is made up of a qualified team of Payroll Specialists with extensive experience in the field of labour law and Payroll. The daily part of their work is monitoring and informing about all changes related to the normative regulation of labour and wages in Bulgaria and abroad. 

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The Payroll Center is designed to:

Companies with internal accounting that:

  • have no unnecessary means of hiring a separate accountant to carry out the payroll;
  • their internal accountant has no physical opportunity or time to become aware of and monitor all changes in social and labor law;

Companies with external accounting:

  • are not satisfied with the business activities of their company, but are satisfied with the accounting services in relation to the other activities.