Liquidation of enterprises

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Do you plan to terminate your business? We have solid experience in conducting company liquidations.

Even for a non-operating company, there are a lot of obligations regulated in the tax legislation. This, in addition to spending time, is an additional financial cost. If the business owner does not intend to operate in future plans, the option is liquidation. The deadline for the procedure is at least 6 months after the announcement of the liquidation and the waiting of the creditors of the company for claiming their claims. It is important to note that in order for a company to be liquidated, it must cover all its obligations.

The experts of accounting network INBALANCE are available in case of need of professional help for successful completion of the entire process of liquidation of a company. For more information on the price of the service we offer, contact us via the contact form at your convenient office.

Liquidation of an enterprise is a process which is a combination of the actions of a lawyer and an accountant.

There are specific features at each stage, including the submission of corporate statements to the NRA at different stages of the liquidation process. INBALANCE experts will help you handle this difficult task.