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Онлайн счетоводство - Инбаланс

The accounting network INBALANCE Bulgaria is guided by the intention to improve and expand the range of business services it provides to its clients. It is our way of contributing to your growth.


Online accounting from INBALANCE Bulgaria - this is the service that provides you with the opportunity to exchange accounting documentation and to communicate with the expert servicing your business entirely remotely, regardless of your geographical location or commitment within the working hours of the accounting firm.

We remove the limitations

Thanks to modern technologies for the secure, fast, and convenient exchange of documents and information, access to quality accounting services has no longer been a privilege of companies situated in the same cities like the reputable accounting firms whose services they would like to use.

To decide whom to entrust your accounting to, you no longer need to think of your location. By choosing to work with the team of the Accounting network INBALANCE Bulgaria, you will have the option to provide us with the documentation related to the activity of your business, entirely digitally, without the need to visit us in person.

We minimize the risks

The usage of advanced accounting software allows us to process the data from your accounting documents effectively. The digital archive is not only more convenient for storage and working with a large amount of information, but it is also an opportunity for detailed tracking of different kinds of issues both by your accountant and you as a client. That helps to reduce the risk of errors (duplicated invoices, for example) and omissions.

We facilitate communication

We don't narrow relation with our clients to receiving a package of accounting documents. It is important to us to ensure you the opportunity to conveniently ask your questions, clarify any problems, and monitor the development of a particular case.
The specialized software we use provides effective and secure online communication with your accountant. All the information exchanged is organized in a way that allows it to be quickly accessed if necessary.


You have questions about our online accounting services and how to take advantage of them? Look for the answer in a way that is convenient for you.

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