Industrial enterprises

Accounting of industrial enterprises -

Accounting services for manufacturing companies have certain features that are mandatory and require a solid industry experience to provide businesses with optimum performance and trouble-free operation.

Regulating the accountability of a manufacturing enterprise is covered by National Accounting Standards:

  • AS 2 Commodity-Stocks;
  • AS 38 Intangible Assets.

Accounting for International Accounting Standards is as follows:

  • IAS 2 Tangible Assets;
  • IAS 38 Intangible Assets.

It is essential that the cost of production is properly formed. For this purpose, the types of production costs (direct and indirect) and their allocation should be taken into account. Part of the costs is included in the cost of production, while others are for administrative purposes. Along with objective cost determination, an important element in the organization of accountability is the arrival of goods and the release of finished products, as well as all production-related items such as marriage, unfinished production, etc.

The team of Accounting network INBALANCE will offer you individual analytical reporting tailored to the specific features of your business and production.

INBALANCE's experts have over 20 years of experience in accounting for manufacturing enterprises, allowing us to ensure that business executives achieve optimal results in terms of realistically minimizing production costs and taxing the business.