Management accounting and control

Accounting and tax consultations -

The team of experts of INBALANCE Bulgaria provides its clients with all the necessary resources for information about the financial aspect of the past, present and future activities of the company.

Every business manager is aware of how timely the assessment of the impact of costs incurred in implementing one or other projects is necessary. The tool that provides the opportunity for detailed analysis and informed decisions based on forward-looking prognosis is professional management accounting.

Our accounting and control services include the following:

  • Cash flow forecasts;
  • Control of key performance indicators;
  • Reports that analyze significant indicators;
  • The profitability of the business;
  • Implementing new projects or marketing strategies.

The basic principles that we follow when carrying out our accounting and consulting activities are competence, confidentiality, honesty, and responsibility. The clients of INBALANCE receive:

  • Guaranteed professionalism in identifying relevant and accurate data in accordance with certain legal and technical standards;
  • Security of the confidentiality of the information provided;
  • Respect for ethical standards and objectivity;
  • Responsibility.

Management accounting is the foundation of a functioning and efficient business. 

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