Accounting services of E-commerce

Accounting services for ecommerce -

E-commerce is an ancillary or main activity of most companies offering goods sale(and sometimes services) that do not want to limit their potential customers to those who visit physical shops. Accounting for domains, web pages and software products for online stores, delivery of goods, costs related to commercial activities, costs of advertising, research and affiliate marketing, costs of complaints and warranties, proceeds from sales of goods and new sales techniques - dropshipping, collective shopping, payments with customers by cash on delivery and electronic payment systems - it requires specific knowledge and experience, which the team of Accounting Network INBALANCE has and offers with a guarantee of quality and satisfaction to provide businesses not just efficient and trouble-free activity, but the opportunity to develop their growth potential.

Besides, there are features that your accountant must be familiar with and comply within the tax aspects - the assessment of value-added tax, tax registration and registration regime and requirements related to the commercial activity of the e-shop.

INBALANCE's experts provide first-class accounting services to companies from various industries, which offer through their online stores or e-commerce platforms such as Amazon a wide range of goods and work with customers and suppliers both in Bulgaria and abroad.

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The requirements for accounting for online commerce are among the most dynamically changing and compliance with regulations can be a challenge even for proven experts in the accounting industry. The INBALANCE team has rich experience both in the accounting of e-stores and in working with businesses offering goods and services through big international e-commerce platforms.