Reference - Daphna DK Ltd


By Dimitar Kostadinov Valchev, 

manager of Dafna DK Ltd.,

UIC 115629644

The accounting firm, managed by Hazaros Chetinyan, has been providing accounting services for our company since its registration in 1998. Proof of their quality service is the issue of free regular tax inspections that we have had during the years. Throughout these years, Mr. Chetinyan has also been a trusted adviser for our international firms, which help with our main hotel business. 

From our accounting company we receive the required accounting information needed for managerial decisions and taxes regularly and on time.

As business partners in Dafna DK Ltd. Angel Pepeleshev and I are managers of a group of companies that deal with the distribution and logistics of Tabaco goods.  The group of companies that are managed by Dafna Group Ltd. consists of more than 30 sub-companies. They control 21% of the Tabaco trade in our country and their annual turnover is 3 billion leva. Hazaros Chetinyan is our head accountant and supervisor of our company. For each of our businesses, we have trusted his expert opinion. He successfully communicates with our partners from British American Tabaco, Karelia Group, Kings Tabaco, etc. 

29.04.2016 г.  Manager: Dimitar Valchev


Reference - Daphna DK Ltd