Reference - New Life fertility center

IVF International JSC


In 2013 we increased our investments in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. We needed to transfer the accounting services from the city of Sofia to the city of Plovdiv, due to the opening of a medical center in Plovdiv. After an extensive search of the accounting companies in the region, we choose Inbalance – Plovdiv Ltd. From whom, we receive the necessary accounting information and reports monthly.

Together with our new accounting team, we registered NEWLIFE – Specialized gynecology medical center” Ltd, whose accounting we trusted to Inbalance.

Throughout the years we attracted as an investor the second biggest pension fund in Israel - Altshuler Shaham Investment House Ltd.

At the beginning of 2016, we started building hemodialysis centers in Bulgaria and once again we trusted Inbalance- Plovdiv with the registration and accounting services for this venture.  

Their professional service and cooperation contribute to our successful business in the region. Therefore, I highly recommend Inbalance-Plovdiv.

Alberto Behar

Executive director

Reference - New Life fertility center