Reference - North Atlantic investment group


In 2015, by the reference of a business partner, I hired Inbalance- Plovdiv Ltd to provide accounting services. I own a number of companies in Russia, Ukraine, and Bulgaria. Gradually, I transferred all my accounting to Inbalance.

In the middle of 2015, an attractive business opportunity with China presented itself. With the help of Mr. Chetinyan we developed this opportunity and registered a joint venture with our Chinese partners.

As a citizen of Ukraine, with our Ukrainian partners, we provided project documentation for different types of helicopters and planes, developed by Ukrainian construction firms. The Chinese company- our partner has up to this moment, received credit for the start of the planes manufacturing in China.  Part of the sum was received in Bulgaria, as North Atlantic Investment Group is the main coordinator of the project. 

For the development of the project, accounting services, and timely information management, I am grateful to Mr. Chetinyan and his team.

Our Chinese partners also trust the accounting team, are happy with the provided services and rely on them to receive accurate accounting reports. 


Birislav Bojchinov

Reference - North Atlantic investment group