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Up until 2013, there was an on a permanent contract in our company not enough with the accounting services that were extensive chose the services of "Inbalance - Plovdiv" Ltd.

In my work, I strived and achieved full automation of our documentation. With the accounting team of Inbalance, we work successfully and smoothly by using internet banking and by granting them access to our system for documenting all of our business operations. Basically, accounting is done remotely without my participation in the process.

I want to take our company public and seek contacts with investors for its expansion. That is why I get the accounting information and reports in accordance with the rules of International Accounting Standards.

Immediately after the transfer of my accountancy to Inbalance, our company had a tax inspection for the previous five years. It appeared that my previous accountant permitted a number of inaccuracies and errors. Although they weren’t responsible for accounting for that period, they helped us and protected our company.

I trust my accountants and coordinate the important business decisions with the accounting team of Inbalance.

Inbalance also serves another company - Optienergy  (a joint company) - where I am a partner with Joseph Deignan - a citizen of Ireland. There are no problems with its accounting service and we are pleased by the accounting team


Mishel Tutundjan

Reference - Opticentre Ltd